Pondero Winchester – Ships and Seafarers: The good the bad and the ugly

Seafarers, like everyone else, are only human they come in many shapes, sizes, temperaments, characters, competency and honesty. This presentation will look at some incidents, accidents, thefts, frauds, and piracy involving ships, seafarers and ship owners, many of which were criminal acts, that are largely unknown to the public. In addition we will take a look at the human impact on the oceans of the world.

Rory Addison has over 45 years’ experience in the maritime industry including time with the Royal Navy, Merchant Navy, Lecturing, acting as a Maritime Advisor to Government and a Strategic Advisor in marine safety management. He holds a Masters Law degree (Maritime Law) from the University of Southampton and a Maritime Studies degree from University of Wales, whilst also having lectured in maritime law at Southampton Solent University. Rory possesses a thorough knowledge of the shipping industry from general to specialised principles and practices of law, with particular interest including maritime law, law of the sea and commercial law, coupled with extensive knowledge of the maritime commercial and regulatory framework at the national and international level, maritime policy development, major international maritime conventions and the process around their implementation, application and amendment.

Pondero talks are run in collaboration with The Really Helpful Club.


Mar 14 2023


11:00 am - 12:30 pm




Minster Gallery
Minster Gallery
The Minster Gallery 3A Great Minster Street Winchester Hampshire SO23 9HA
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