Pondero Newbury – Stress: How to manage difficult feelings in healthy ways

When under stress or facing life challenges, our natural instinct is to look for some form of relief but many of us have learned unhealthy ways to manage our emotions. We overeat or drink too much. We work too hard, worry too much, keep too busy or run too far – anything to numb the pain or take it away. The problem is that these coping mechanisms only provide short-term relief. In the long-term, the difficult feelings stay trapped inside, building up until they’re impossible to contain, leading to ill health, burnout, breakdown, relationship challenges and more stress.

The key is to find healthy ways to manage difficult emotions so that they don’t get stuck inside. In this talk, speaker, coach and author Katherine Baldwin will share ways to manage life stress and difficult feelings without harming ourselves or others.

Katherine Baldwin is a motivational speaker, transformational coach and author, specialising in supporting people to love themselves and create healthy, fulfilling lives and relationships. Her talks draw on her own experience of an eating disorder, burnout, breakdown and failed relationships, while working in a demanding, high-profile role as a senior Reuters correspondent based in the UK parliament. Katherine’s first book is called ‘How to Fall in Love’ and charts her journey from self-harm to self-love and dysfunctional relationships to a healthy marriage. Her writing has appeared across the national media, including in Psychologies, Red, Good Housekeeping and The Sunday Times and she has appeared on Woman’s Hour and BBC TV. www.katherinebaldwin.com

Pondero talks are run in collaboration with The Really Helpful Club.


Sep 28 2022


10:30 am - 12:00 pm




The Honesty Cookery School
The Honesty Cookery School
The Barn at North Sydmonton House, North Sydmonton, Newbury, Berkshire RG20 4UL
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