Pondero Newbury – Burnout: Just a bit of stress…..isn’t it?

Humans are built for stress. But there are limits and the stress people are under nowadays can be relentless. The workplace is a key stress source . Join us if you’ve ever wondered any of the following :

  • what is burnout?
  • is work ‘too’ stressful & impacting health?
  • have you maybe had burnout in the past?
  • do you have burnout right now?
  • are you heading into it / how to know?
  • trying to get out of it or stuck in a cycle?
  • or how to help someone experiencing what you think may be burnout?

…. come & hear an expert of 33 years experience on burnout management reveal….

  • the fundamental difference between stress and burnout
  • common burnout myths/misunderstandings
  • the reasons burnout can be so hard to face and to manage effectively
  • the interfaces between career choice, career planning, burnout & wellbeing
  • why so many burnout solutions… don’t work
  • how to help someone with burnout denial.

You will gain some some real insights into burnout & every attendee will get free access to a burnout test too.  

Dr Sonia Hutton-Taylor found an interest in how workstyle & career choice interface with health despite having initially chosen a surgical career. She left medicine in 1990 to set up the first independent medical career guidance service. For 33 years she has spoken to those with varying levels of burnout …designing ways to help them face and fix it within the context of their professional life. In 2017 she set up Burnout Geese for anyone from any profession to explore their burnout & find bespoke ways to address it.

Pondero Newbury talks are held in the beautiful setting of the Honesty Cookery School and every session starts with good coffee and delicious cake.

Please email talks@pondero.co.uk if you have any difficulties booking tickets.


Mar 06 2024


10:30 am - 12:00 pm




The Honesty Cookery School
The Honesty Cookery School
The Barn at North Sydmonton House, North Sydmonton, Newbury, Berkshire RG20 4UL
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