Pondero Candover Valley – A Voice for Choice: Mothers At Home Matter Conference

Miriam Cates MP will be the keynote speaker at this year’s Mothers at Home Matter Conference. Her talk will be followed by details of the campaigning and support activities of Mothers at Home Matter.

Join the conference on Zoom for the morning from 9:50am to 12:15pm including the main speaker talk, this is followed by a short break for lunch and then there is a choice of seminars in the afternoon from 1pm to 2:40pm.

A WhatsApp group for Pondero attendees will be set up to give opportunity for additional discussion.

‘A Voice for Choice’

“Motherhood is valuable, honourable and a deep responsibility – it is a privilege’…’Mothers who want to spend more time with their children should be empowered to do so’.

‘We need to recognise that mothers who invest time in their children are doing a great service to society.'”

A cry in the wilderness or the start of a quiet revolution? Miriam Cates MP, almost alone in Parliament, against a backdrop of cries for ever increasing subsidised childcare and drive to get mothers back into the paid workforce, champions the choice for mothers to be able to care for their children at home.

Politics, it is said, is the art of the possible. Miriam will address Mothers at Home Matter on what is possible to achieve at Westminster; how we can change the nature of the debate and effect real change both economically and socially. Miriam, a mother of 3 was herself a stay at home mother until entering Parliament as MP for Penistone & Stocksbridge at 2019 election. She sits on the Parliament Advisory Board for Early Years Healthy Development Review and recognises the increasing evidence that a child’s earliest experiences are a significant factor in determining how happy and healthy they will be as adults.

“The choice of women to stay at home to care for their children should not be a privilege that only the rich can afford, it should not be seen as an inferior choice or second best.

Let’s give all women real freedom and real choice over both their work and their family lives.”  (Miriam on International Women’s Day 2021)

Miriam Cates is MP for Penistone and Stocksbridge and was born and brought up in Sheffield, and for over ten years has lived with her husband and three children in Oughtibridge, a village in the South of her constituency. She is an active member of her community, she has chaired the school PTA, helped to set up and lead a youth group, and in her role as a Parish Councillor for Oughtibridge has campaigned on a number of local issues including; better local transport, more police, and better skills and education for all. Miriam went to King Edward VII School, Sheffield, and then on to the University of Cambridge where she studied Genetics, returning to Sheffield to take her Postgraduate Certificate in Education at Sheffield Hallam University, Miriam went on to teach Chemistry and Biology at Tapton School in Sheffield. For a number of years Miriam has worked in a technology business she owns with her husband, so recognises the importance of investment in technological infrastructure and digital skills in supporting our industrial sector but also in providing new opportunities for local people.

Mothers at Home Matters campaigns to give mothers the choice and confidence to care for their children at home.


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Nov 09 2021


9:50 am - 2:40 pm



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