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Pondero was founded by Ronnie Cloke Browne in 2015 to meet a growing need for easily accessible good quality talks that could be attended during the school or working day, and are attended by individuals and professionals whether at home or work. Given by experts in each field, the talks cover a range of topics from Pyschology to Engineering and are designed to keep minds active for anyone wanting an inspiring talk during the day.

Pondero talks encourage discussion, chat and questions, which is what makes them different and feel more interactive. Our preference is to conduct live talks and bring people together in person, but we also run an online series, keeping that same focus on lively, interactive discussion with plenty of opportunities to chat and ask questions.

Sometimes we organise excursions, either as part of the series or as a separate event. In the past these have included visiting the Houses of Parliament, a Waste Recycling Plant and an Energy Recovery Site. Many of our attendees enjoy the variety of topics every term and regularly comment on how much they have learned in each series. For this reason, and to get the most out of Pondero, we strongly recommended signing up to a whole series rather than just one or two talks – who knows what you might learn?


Pondero have conducted over 100 talks to date – for a full list of talks and topics, click here



I can’t thank Pondero and Ronnie enough for the stimulating, friendly, professional and fascinating talks. I have grown in confidence in my ability and have returned to study in London for a career change.

Pondero attendee


LOVED this morning's talk - great brain stretching scientific stuff!



The Winchester Pilates for the Mind series has fed my desire to be in contact with the outside world, discuss issues with others, and opened my interest into topics I would not have looked into before. Every talk has been interesting and enlightening.

Hilary H.


I've signed up to the Pilates for the Mind talks series. I began with just topics that I thought would be interesting, but I've now realised that the talks in which I didn't think I'd be interested are actually those which are probably the most beneficial and potentially quite intriguing. I thoroughly enjoy the talks and actively find time to attend them in a week that is always 'busy'. I genuinely feel that my knowledge of the wider world is increasing and expanding, and with it my confidence.

Nicola B.


The Pilates for the Mind series certificate is a nice way to prove to my children that I still do use my brain.

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